When you plan a project as important as a new kitchen or bathroom, you need experts who will provide the knowledge and talent that your project deserves. Our staff will be there from the planning all the way to completion, helping you select the perfect stones, edging, and finish, showing you the ways that the stones can be worked into backsplashes and decorative accents, and providing you with their expertise in design and engineering throughout.

Will your perfect kitchen be cozy, rustic, expansive, utilitarian, or ornate? Are the cabinets dark or light? Are there special concerns about traffic flow or children or even how you cook in the kitchen? These and so many more things can make a difference in the ideal choice of stone countertops. Big box stores and jack-of-all-trade contractors will sell you countertops based on a tiny sample of stone, ignoring the important questions that make the choices perfect for you and your project.

It's service that sets Romancing the Stone apart. We don't limit our selection to common, ordinary granites available to any contractor and in thousands of other kitchens; we bring in granite, onyx, soapstone, marble, and quartzite from around the world to provide unique and captivating countertops for your kitchen. And instead of a little sample of stone, you can select actual slab of stone from our extensive inventory or have our buyers select a special stone, like pink granite from the Texas Hill Country or blue quartzite from the Maurienne Valley in the French Alps.

Our expert installers make sure that your countertops go in without a problem, sealing the seams and installing the sinks and backsplashes with laser-cut and diamond polished precision.

In the end, it's service you need, and service that makes all the difference.