When planning a remodel, there are choices to be made at every turn. The most prominent, and most impactful visual, however, is the choice you’ll make for your countertops.

Here are some primary factors to consider.


Every counter is used a little differently. While some are devoted cooking zones, others are gathering spots for family and friends.

How will your countertops be used in your home?


Some simply make a statement. They often serve as a point of expression for design and lifestyle. Simple or ornate edge profiles, colors and patterns or muted simple elegance are just a few things to consider.

How will your countertops express your style?


How does each surface differ from a durability and maintenance standpoint? What is the impact of that production?

Our expert staff will provide you with the information you need to make decisions in the best interest of your project.


Budget defines every remodel, but it doesn’t have to define or limit style and function. Your material, finishing details, and project size will determine the final cost.

Romancing the Stone, Inc. will provide you with a itemized quote priced for a successful completion in every aspect. We are licensed, insured and stand behind every job.


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