Granite Surfaces

Granite countertops have become the standard for durability, elegance and design.  Whether swirled or speckled, brilliant or neutral, granite colors are magnificent.  Proportions of several trace minerals create the range of colors we know and love. 

Granite is a completely "natural choice", for countertop surfaces.
Granite Pros and Cons

  • Granite countertops can last a lifetime.
  • Granite is one of the most heat-resistant countertops on the market. 
  • Very few minerals are able to scratch granite. 
  • Seams. In a typical kitchen, granite countertops will need to have 2-3 seams.  
  • Undermount sinks are common in granite countertop installations. 
  • Granite is considered to be a low maintenance countertop surface. 
  • If properly treated, granite is a stain-resistant countertop surface.


  • Absolute Black

    Absolute Black

  • Absolute Black Brushed

    Absolute Black Brushed

  • Alaska White

    Alaska White

  • Angola Black

    Angola Black

  • Antique White

    Antique White

  • Azul Platino

    Azul Platino

  • Bianca Sardo

    Bianca Sardo

  • Bianca Antico

    Bianca Antico

  • Bianca Romano

    Bianca Romano

  • Bianco Sardo

    Bianco Sardo

  • Black Beauty

    Black Beauty

  • Black Forest

    Black Forest

  • Black Galaxy

    Black Galaxy

  • Black Honed

    Black Honed

  • Black Marinacci

    Black Marinacci

  • Black Pearl

    Black Pearl

  • Blue Flower

    Blue Flower

  • Blue Pearl Royal

    Blue Pearl Royal

  • Blue Pearl

    Blue Pearl

  • Bros Blue

    Bros Blue

  • Butterfly Beige

    Butterfly Beige

  • Butterfly Green

    Butterfly Green

  • Caramel Taupe

    Caramel Taupe

  • Carioca Gold

    Carioca Gold

  • Colonial Gold

    Colonial Gold

  • Colonial White

    Colonial White

  • Costa Esmerelda

    Costa Esmerelda

  • Crema Bordeaux

    Crema Bordeaux

  • Giallo Fiorito

    Giallo Fiorito

  • Giallo Ornamental

    Giallo Ornamental

  • Giallo Veneziano

    Giallo Veneziano

  • Golden King

    Golden King

  • Golden Persa

    Golden Persa

  • Golden Typhoon Bordeaux

    Golden Typhoon Bordeaux

  • Granite Delicatus

    Granite Delicatus

  • Hawaiian Green

    Hawaiian Green

  • Ice White

    Ice White

  • Jet Mist Honed

    Jet Mist Honed

  • Kashmir White

    Kashmir White

  • Labradorite


  • Lennon


  • Madura Gold

    Madura Gold

  • Minsk Green

    Minsk Green

  • Moon White

    Moon White

  • Neptuno Bordeaux

    Neptuno Bordeaux

  • New Azul Aran

    New Azul Aran

  • New Caledonia

    New Caledonia

  • New Caledonia

    New Caledonia

  • New Venetian Gold

    New Venetian Gold

  • Ornamental White

    Ornamental White

  • Ouro Brasil

    Ouro Brasil

  • Peacock Green

    Peacock Green

  • Pergaminho


  • Persian Pearl

    Persian Pearl

  • Pompeii


  • River Bordeaux

    River Bordeaux

  • Rocky Mountain

    Rocky Mountain

  • Rosa Beta

    Rosa Beta

  • Royal White

    Royal White

  • Santa Cecilia Classic

    Santa Cecilia Classic

  • Santa Cecilia Light

    Santa Cecilia Light

  • Sapphire Blue Granite

    Sapphire Blue Granite

  • Shivakoshi


  • Silver Cloud

    Silver Cloud

  • Snow Flakes

    Snow Flakes

  • Solaris


  • Splendour Gold

    Splendour Gold

  • Steel Grey

    Steel Grey

  • Tan Brown

    Tan Brown

  • Taupe White

    Taupe White

  • Typhoon Bordeaux

    Typhoon Bordeaux

  • Uba Tuba

    Uba Tuba

  • White Dallas

    White Dallas

  • White Flower

    White Flower

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