Marble Surfaces

Marble stone is formed from limestone, super-heated to form its unique crystalline structure.  Marble counter top surfaces are timeless with their classic beauty and elegance, still one of the top choices for many homeowners today. 

But, Marble is not a perfect product.
Marble Pros and Cons

  • Marble can take the heat in the kitchen. It stands up well and has become very popular for fireplace surrounds. 
  • Good-quality marbles, such as the world-famous products from Carrara, Italy are more durable and stain-resistant. However, they also have weaknesses.
  • Marble is softer and more porous than the nearly indestructible granite, so it can scratch and stain in a way that granite usually won't. In the kitchen, sharp or heavy items may chip or crack the marble.
  • Marble is more porous than granite, so it absorbs liquids more easily. Oil, wine, juice and other spills penetrate the stone quickly, and they are hard, if not impossible, to get out.
  • Marble is sealed when installed and should be again every few years.

However, If you choose carefully and know what to expect. Marble countertops offer beauty and longevity when they are treated with the care required.


  • Absolute White

    Absolute White

  • Antartide


  • Arabescato Carrara

    Arabescato Carrara

  • Arabescato Venato

    Arabescato Venato

  • Arabescus White

    Arabescus White

  • Athens Grey

    Athens Grey

  • Augusta White

    Augusta White

  • Avalanche White

    Avalanche White

  • Bianco Dolomite

    Bianco Dolomite

  • Bianco Venatino

    Bianco Venatino

  • Botticino Fiorito

    Botticino Fiorito

  • Cafe Forest

    Cafe Forest

  • Calacatta Black

    Calacatta Black

  • Calacatta Carrara

    Calacatta Carrara

  • Calacatta Cervaiole

    Calacatta Cervaiole

  • Calacatta Classic

    Calacatta Classic

  • Calacatta Gold Premium

    Calacatta Gold Premium

  • Calacatta Gold

    Calacatta Gold

  • Calacatta Lasa

    Calacatta Lasa

  • Calacatta Lincoln

    Calacatta Lincoln

  • Calacatta Vagli

    Calacatta Vagli

  • Carrara White C/D

    Carrara White C/D

  • Carrara White Premium

    Carrara White Premium

  • Carrara White

    Carrara White

  • China Black w/Vein

    China Black w/Vein

  • Crema Cappuccino

    Crema Cappuccino

  • Crema Marfil Classic

    Crema Marfil Classic

  • Crema Marfil Premium

    Crema Marfil Premium

  • Crema Marfil Select

    Crema Marfil Select

  • Diano Real

    Diano Real

  • Elegant White

    Elegant White

  • Emperador Dark

    Emperador Dark

  • Emperador Light

    Emperador Light

  • Fantasy Black

    Fantasy Black

  • Fantasy Brown

    Fantasy Brown

  • Gray Orobico

    Gray Orobico

  • Grigio Adriatico

    Grigio Adriatico

  • Grigio Pearl

    Grigio Pearl

  • Ice Berg

    Ice Berg

  • Imperial Danby

    Imperial Danby

  • Marmara White

    Marmara White

  • Mont Blanc

    Mont Blanc

  • Mont Clair Danby

    Mont Clair Danby

  • Mystery White

    Mystery White

  • New Emperador Dark

    New Emperador Dark

  • Persian Green

    Persian Green

  • Rain Forest Green

    Rain Forest Green

  • Rojo Alicante

    Rojo Alicante

  • Royal Danby

    Royal Danby

  • Sahara Gold

    Sahara Gold

  • Santorini White

    Santorini White

  • Sequoia Brown

    Sequoia Brown

  • Statuary Venato

    Statuary Venato

  • Statueritto


  • Sugar Beige

    Sugar Beige

  • Super White

    Super White

  • Thassos White

    Thassos White

  • Tundra Gray

    Tundra Gray

  • Turkish Carrara White

    Turkish Carrara White

  • Volakas


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